We are
Club Life Design

An Online Academy focusing on perfecting the art of Life Design through harnessing the power of Social Media and online entrepreneurship.

We teach our students how to create captivating
content, then grow their community around that
content and then build profitable income streams on
top of it all. The end result is a lifestyle with more
freedom for travel, for family, for hobbies.

Our teaching approach comes from experience. Our instructors Marie & Jake
aka @mariefeandjakesnow
and Raquel & Miguel aka @explorerssaurus_ have a

combined following of 2 million + followers on Instagram,
1 million + followers on
TikTok and 4 successful
businesses under their belts.

Marie & Jake and Raquel & Miguel, two of the world’s
fastest growing
Instagram duos
teamed up and created

Club Life Design to share their blueprint
for success in
this online social media, content driven world.

meet your instructors

Hello, we are
Marie and Jake!

When we first met and fell in love, we had
a bit of a dilemma. We were from
opposite sides of the world, Germany and
Australia. If our relationship was going to
survive, we had to find a way to earn a
living from anywhere in the world. We had
to become location independent.
When we started out posting online most of our friends and family couldn't understand our vision and the support wasn't amazing to tell you the truth. We have come to learn that it's all a part of the journey. To create a special life for yourself you need to have a special vision and most people won't understand that.
Without a lot of support and not much of a plan we started out to achieve our goal of creating financial freedom for ourselves through online endeavors and what happened over the next 3 years was truly unbelievable.
By building a supportive community through creating value for others and sharing our passions with the world consistently and with our hearts, we have been able to design a life for ourselves that we absolutely love and now our mission is to help you do the same.

Hi Guys,
we are
and Miguel

from Portugal!

We are influencers, entrepreneurs and
content marketing experts. Over the
past 4 years we have successfully built a
7 figure online business by creating and
marketing photo and video content on
social media. Just like Marie and Jake,
we were passionate about designing a
life for ourselves that we would love and
be proud of.
We both come from humble beginnings. Before diving into the social media world, we worked in construction (Miguel) and hospitality (Raquel). We always loved traveling together right from the beginning of our relationship. It was this love for travel that inspired us to start our travel blog and Instagram @explorerssaurus_. We never imagined our small travel blog would evolve into what it is today with over 1 million + followers worldwide.
Creating Club Life Design with Marie and Jake is our way to share the lessons we’ve learnt with you and to give you the tools you need to find success in our industry.
We truly believe that anyone can find some form of success online just like us, we are not special. The tough part is knowing where to look, what to learn, what to do and how to do it. That’s what we can't wait to share with you here at Club Life Design.

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Fun facts about


Marie and Jake meet and
@mariefeandjakesnow is born.

M & J buy their first DSLR
camera for $400

M & J start taking photos on their
travels and share their
experiences on Insta


Raquel and Miguel meet and
@explorerssaurus_ is born

M & J get their first Hotel Collaboration in
Koh Samui Thailand with 7,000 followers

M & J land their first paid job to produce
a cinematic music video for $250


R & M land their first paid collaboration with a swimwear brand called AIMN. €400 for 2 Posts.

M & J launch their first digital product in June and do $30,000 in sales in the first month

R & M launch their first digital product in September and hit 6 figures in the first year

M & J quit their normal jobs and go full-time social media in August

R & M hit 150,000 followers in Dec

M & J hit 300,000 followers in Dec


R & M reach

M & J reach

R & M travelled more than
20+ countries

M & J and R & M meet
in Bali for the first time


M & J and R & M come together to create @clublifedesign

Mobile Editing Master Launches

Club Life Design grows to 6,000 students

R & M hit 1 million followers


M & J hit 1 million followers

@clublifedesign hits 50k followers

The Power of Instagram course goes live

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