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10 Reasons Why We Love Showit

Aug 26, 2022

Nowadays, you really don’t need to know how to code or spend thousands on a developer to build the website of your dreams. There are tons of platforms you can do that from. The list is long and we’ve tried them all - Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Webflow, you name it. And let us tell you… NONE OF THEM compare to the platform we’ve chosen to build our TSM Website Templates in: Showit.

Below we’ve listed the top 10 reasons why we love this platform so much. Let’s get right into it!

A website builder that offers endless design capabilities

Heard of Canva? Well, Showit is the Canva of website builders: super user-friendly and extremely flexible!

You can literally drag and drop elements, and change fonts and colors in a couple of clicks. It will only take you a couple of hours to learn how to use it, we promise!

All you need to have is the idea of what you want your website to look like, and then on Showit you will be able to create it in no time!

Showit websites are responsive on mobile and desktop

Did you know that half of all website visits are made from a phone? Yep, you read that right! So you better get that mobile version of your website poppin’.

The cool thing with Showit is that you can build and edit both versions of the website design separately and even side by side. No more stressing about changes you made on one version showing weirdly on the other (we feel your pain, we’ve been there 🥲).

You can make your website’s design 100% you in just a few clicks

What’s really a game changer with Showit is how easy it is to use. You know how important your branding is, so it’s absolutely crucial that your website looks coherent with the rest. And while this can sometimes be a bit tricky with other website builders, Showit makes it super easy. You can customize almost anything in a matter of seconds (and you don’t need extra code, like you do with most of the other web design platforms).

It’s also the most intuitive website builder out there - you can change fonts and colors in less than a minute, add and resize photos, include galleries and videos, and so much more!

Let’s put it that way: it basically allows you to build a unique website that completely translates your brand and sets you apart from competitors in a matter of a few hours.

You can connect your WordPress blog to your Showit website

There is no doubt that when it comes to blogging WordPress is the most powerful and effective platform out there. However, designing a WordPress website is a NIGHTMARE… even for us, and we actually know how to code!

Don’t waste your time and energy trying to build a beautiful website in WordPress - simply connect your WordPress blog to your Showit Website instead.

How does it work? It’s really easy!

Your blogging content remains hosted on WordPress (so if you already have tons of articles written, don’t worry, you won’t need to move anything), while your website design is all done from Showit. Your blogs will automatically update on your Showit Website!

And to make it all easier for you, we’ve designed Blog Templates editable in just a few clicks that are already set up in WordPress. Voila!

Updating your website has never been easier

With Showit, you don’t need to stress about hiring a team, or outsourcing website changes: you can all do it yourself in a few minutes.

And, if you’re uncertain about anything or have forgotten how to do certain things, we’ve got toooons of video tutorials you can refer back to 🙂

It’s built for SEO performance

On Showit, you’ve got SEO settings for each page, content, and images (btw, if you are not sure which pages you need to add to your website, check out our blog post on the 10 important elements your business website needs to include).

When you connect your WordPress blog to your TSM Showit Website Template, you can also easily optimize every single page and article you publish to rank higher on Google searches.

And… we’ve included some tips on how to properly rename and resize your image before uploading them on your TSM Showit Website Template in our PDF Guides and Tutorials (which you get access to upon purchase of any of our templates).

You can make your website stand out even more with videos

Picture this: you land on a website and your attention is caught by a super cool video in the banner image. Yep, we’ve all been there: video definitely helps make a website stand out.

Showit makes it super easy for you to add a background video, or embed videos directly from Youtube or Vimeo, on your website in a couple of easy steps.

It’s extremely visual

Even though Showit’s now grown to become THE platform for all types of businesses websites, it was initially created specifically for photographers.

So, if you’re a photographer, it’s extremely easy to showcase your beautiful work with tons of different galleries that are customizable.

And if you’re not a photographer or content creator, you’ll still love how visual Showit is: you can resize and position your photos (of your products, or your team for example) in just a couple of clicks.

As your business grows, your Showit Website can easily grow too

Your website should be flexible and dynamic, easily scalable in the future. With Showit, and The Startup Market, it’s never been easier!

We’ve got tons of tons of templates you can add to your Showit Website in just a few clicks. From shops to blogs and sales pages, we’ve got it all!

If you’re just getting started with your brand and business, just start with a basic TSM Showit Website Template, and add-on as you grow :)

You have support, guides, and tutorials for EVERYTHING

When you buy a TSM Website Template, you don’t just buy a gorgeous website template… you also get tons of support!

First of all, The Startup Market Showit Website Templates come with copy prompts to guide you on what to write and where.

You also get access to video tutorials that show you how to use, edit and personalize your TSM Showit Website Template …and if you need any more support, Showit has even more tutorials for you to check out, so you won’t be lost.

Showit also has super fast and efficient customer service on their website, and a Facebook Support Group (what more can we ask for?! 😂)

Finally, if you feel like you need more personalized support, just shoot us a message on Instagram @thestartupmarket_and we’ll make sure to get back to you ASAP!

In the end, we’re just like you: entrepreneurs trying to make our dreams come true, so we get where you’re coming from!

We want you to feel as confident as possible with the most important collateral of your brand: your website. We are there to support and guide you every step of the way 🤍

So… now that you know how amazing Showit is, still not convinced that it’s for you?

By now, we are sure you know that Showit is for EVERYONE!

And, at TSM, we’ve got all of the best Showit Website Templates to meet the needs of all types of entrepreneurs and creators… from photographers, to content creators, small e-commerce stores, bloggers, influencers, freelancers, coaches, social media managers, agencies, and more… we’ve got it ALL!

We’ve got you, whatever you do!

Showit Pricing

If you’ve taken the time to read everything on this list, you’re probably excited to launch your new website on Showit with one of The Startup Market templates… and are probably wondering about Showit’s pricing.

You’re about to be pleasantly surprised! Showit pricing is very comparable to other popular web designing platforms.

For example, Squarespace memberships start at $12 per month and go up to $40 per month, while Showit memberships start at $19 per month and go up to $34 a month.

And remember that with Showit, you get a lot of the perks you don’t get with any other platforms.

These include:

  • Building a premium website with ultimate creative design freedom to showcase your unique brand and business
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop platform that’s easy to use, to learn and super flexible
  • Putting emphasis on your work, your products and/or your offering with a variety of galleries and the option to easily add videos
  • The power and SEO capabilities of a WordPress blog without the technical headaches, and design limitations of a WordPress website
  • A website you can edit, scale, grow and change on your own, at no extra cost!

Now that you know everything about Showit, and the TSM Showit Website Templates, go design the website of your dream, and build that business you’ve always wanted!


The Startupmarket and CLD Team

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