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Nov 24, 2021

“You guys made a new talent out of me, I didn’t know this would be possible!”

Seeing you guys grow and expand your skill sets while getting closer to your dream life makes us so happy! It means the world to us and it's exactly the reason why we created Club Life Design. So many of our students have already achieved so much, from growing a bigger following to securing their first collaborations! One of these students is Delfina, aka @incaminata and today we want to share her story with you.

Originally Delfina is from Argentina but she moved to Paris 4 years ago. At first, she worked as a tutor and also in the tourism sector, however that wasn’t enough for her. Her dream has always been to travel, share her trips with others and generate her income online to be able to explore the world and work while she’s on the move. And that's how @incaminata came to life, which roughly translates to “the walk of the Inca”, representing her Incan roots.

The beginning of her new life

“In February I started to take Instagram a bit more seriously - I might have had less than a 1000 followers at that time. Now I have 72k by the way haha! I didn’t think that people would love my work, but they do and now everything developed so quickly. One of the key factors to my success was definitely CLD. I did the Mobile editing courses more than once and then I decided to take the next step and also invest in the TPI course. It helped me to understand how Instagram really works, how I should introduce myself, organize my bio, my feed, etc."

We think it’s absolutely incredible to see how her strategies have changed and how she directly understood what works best with her community. After only posting pictures she decided to give Reels a go and it didn’t take long for her to see that they are the key factors to her exponential growth. By now she has several Reels with millions of views! She said that posting consistently (in her case 3 Reels a week) and focusing on content with value and that inspires others is how she came to her success.

“With my second viral Reel, which has almost 9M views, I actually understood the value I was giving people, the feeling I was sharing and making them feel inspired. It’s more than just a post, it’s a story that I am trying to tell, kind of like a poem,” she says. “The music is also super important, as well as the way you cut the music with the video transitions. I do it with my heart, but I learned it thanks to the courses. You guys made a new talent out of me, I didn’t know this would be possible!”

New doors opening

But creating her captivating videos has brought her much more than just a lot of views and new followers - it has opened new doors for her! “I thought that maybe I could start doing some collaborations. I wanted to feel comfortable pitching the partner, not to rush things, so I started doing collaborations with small cafés in Paris, for example creating some stories in exchange for meals.”

After a few weeks of slowly getting used to how collaborations work and gaining experience at pitching herself she even had a paid collaboration with a luggage storage company! She told us that because of TPI she felt much more comfortable charging people since she finally learned how to evaluate her worth. And look at her now! Only a few weeks ago she was still working full time and now she is working with her favorite brands and gets to create content for them! All because she believed in herself!

She also shared with us that the support of the CLD family has been a key factor in keeping her consistent. Together with other students they created groups where they support each other, exchange tips and even collaborate together! Hearing that our students become friends and help each other out is more than we could have ever asked for. We are so happy to have such a loving community and that everyone wants the best for each other. “This love is key, we are creative and we need this love when things don’t go well - you know that they are always there.”

There is so much more to come

As for the future we truly believe that there is so much more to come for Delfina. She is one of our top earning affiliates for CLD and has already made the cost of her courses back five fold. She has had an incredible journey so far and we’re proud to be part of it. We cannot wait to see what else she will achieve and what her next big project will look like.


And for anyone that wants to join our community, you now have the chance to sign up for our TPI course. We already have over 6900 students and we hope to be able to call you one of ours soon too!

Also, if you would like to read more student success stories you can check out the journey of Margarida and Daniel, aka @allaboutwanderlust_. In less than a month they grew from 40k to 300k and now they are soon at 390k!

Lots of love,

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