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What Is a Sales Page? And Why Your Business Needs One

Oct 13, 2022

Whether it is because you’re starting a business and trying to raise awareness around your offer, or because you’re launching a new product that you’re trying to promote: a sales page is your BEST FRIEND!

Designed around the single purpose of turning a visitor into a customer, sales pages are ESSENTIAL to showcase your products and services and connect with your customers in the most efficient way possible.

Building a great sales page that actually converts is not easy. But don’t worry, we’re here for you and have listed all of the things you need to know and do to design a sales page that brings you traffic and generates leads/sales :)

What is a sales page?

Let’s start with the basics :)

A sales page is a web page designed around one single purpose: to turn a visitor into an actual customer.

Your sales page can be hosted on your website, but it should always be a standalone page with no distractions and no links to any other page. Remember: your goal is to keep the visitor on the page, make them understand your offer easily, and lead them to a quick sell.

If you include too much unrelated information the visitor will get lost and probably won’t be taking the action you want them to take (ie. book that call, make that purchase etc.).

Keep in mind that people’s attention is extremely short nowadays 🥲 Your sales page is one of a thousand of other pieces of content they’ve consumed that day, so make sure that it stands out, that it’s straightforward and super easy to understand!

So, what should you include on your sales page?

Come up with a catchy headline

Your headline is the first thing the visitor will see and engage with: so make it catchy!

If your visitor doesn’t connect with the headline because it’s boring or confusing, they won’t waste their time to try and find out more about you, your brand, and your offer. They’ll just leave your page and probably won’t come back.

On the other hand, if your headline is attractive, they’ll automatically keep scrolling.

So what can you do for this to happen?

Make sure your headline is clear, short, and concise: your potential customer needs to understand who you are, what you do, and why it’s the best option for them in a few words.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for you to highlight your offer’s KSP (key selling point) and subtly imply how your brand can help the visitor with the challenge they’re facing.

Don’t try to be too clever, too funny, or overcomplicate it. Keep it light and simple :)

Write persuasive copy

Your sales page’s copy is EVERYTHING. It translates your offer, and what you stand for and if well executed can convert a visitor into a customer in a few minutes ;)

Look at your sales page as a story you’re trying to tell your potential customer, and the copy as the script/scenario.

Good copy is far from easy to come up with, so here are some pointers to help you write your sales page’s content.

  • Keep it straightforward: Make sure your sales copy isn’t about everything your business does, but about the product/service you’re trying to promote with the sales page. Pick your product’s most compelling and marketable aspect and emphasize that throughout the copy.
  • Know your target audience: And speak to them in their language! Don’t try to speak to everyone and anyone, stick to the people you know will buy from you.
  • Use engaging language: Remember that sales copy works best if it’s based on action. You're trying to persuade your potential customer to buy from you. Your sales page isn’t a boring sales pitch, it’s a story you’re telling a visitor. Work on an engaging narrative that your dream customer can connect with and relate to.
  • Keep it accessible: Simplicity is key, don’t overcomplicate it! Small sentences, easy wording, and no jargon related to your industry. Put yourself in the shoes of your page’s visitor: you too would probably leave a web page you can’t understand. Don’t be that sales page ;)
  • Highlight your offer’s benefits (over its features): Let’s put it out there: endlessly outlining a product/service’s features is sooooo boring. Your potential customer wants to easily understand how your product/service can best solve their challenge(s). They want to hear how YOU can help them with their wants and needs - and if they don’t connect with that right away, they’ll just go see if one of your competitors can do it instead. So, focus on that!

If you’re not sure how to organize your copy around your sales page, don’t worry - all of our templates include copy placeholder to guide you through it all :)

Come up with a strong CTA

A great CTA is crucial to a sales page - it’s the final step the visitor takes to become an actual customer!

It usually is an instruction or a directive - like “buy now”, “shop” or “book a call”. It could come in the form of a button, or a sentence - this is all up to you 🙂

Your CTA needs to be memorable, so make sure you keep it consistent all across your sales page. If you include too many CTAs, it will just become confusing to the visitor. It should be super readable, and should push the visitor to actually take an action ie. buy your product, download your guide etc.

You can also make your CTA stand out visually: use contrasting colors, make it bigger than other elements of your sales page or you could even animate it :)

All of our templates come with a long list of written and video tutorials, so it’ll be super easy for you to edit colors, and font sizes to make your CTA pop as much as possible!

Increase credibility with client testimonials

People trust people, and they want to know if a brand is worth it before they invest in it. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer: would you actually buy from a completely unknown brand you’ve never heard of?

You need to build a trustful bond with your audience, and testimonials are the best way to do it :)

Potential customers don’t want to just hear from you - they want to hear from like-minded people who’ve been satisfied by your offer.

Are you just getting started? Don’t have testimonials yet? Send your products to your entourage so they can try it out, or work on some complimentary projects to get experience AND good feedback ;)

Include images and videos

I don’t think we’re teaching you anything when we tell you that nowadays everything needs to be visual. The average attention span of a user is 8 seconds - yep, you read that right 🥲

Too much copy is boring - and frankly, you’re lucky if people read half of it. Images and video however are another way to attract a visitor’s attention and translate your offer. Plus, they make it much easier for a potential customer to understand what your brand, products, and services are about, so don’t be scared to include a lot of them :) If you want to learn more about taking better product pictures, check out our blog post on that topic!

How to write good copy

Now, that you know what makes a great sales page, here are some tips on how to write your copy :)

Know who your audience is and speak to them

Before you start working on anything, ask yourself this question: who is my audience? You need to know who they are, what they relate to, and how to connect with them.

You can’t expect to be able to sell to them if you don’t build trust and rapport with them first :)

To get to know your ideal client better, you can use surveys, question them on social media, check out the competition, and do some market research on the internet. You can also look at what brand they’re interacting with, and how these brands speak :)

Social media is a great source of information to find out how your audience behaves: which posts they like, what accounts they follow, the types of comments they leave and where they “hang out” online.

If you don’t take the time to do that first, your sales page just won’t ring right, and your message just won’t be conveyed properly.

Define your value proposition

Your value proposition is a simple statement that summarizes why a customer should buy from you. We know - it may sound daunting to come up with and write, we get you 😅 but we’re here to help you through it!

Don’t be afraid to sell what you’re great at - your competitors are doing it, and they’re taking a piece of that pie ;) See this as your chance to communicate to your audience why your brand is the best solution for their pain points and challenges. You don’t even have to be salesy (actually, please don’t be 😂) - you just need to clearly outline the benefits of your offer, and turn your brand into the solution for your audience’s problems.

It’s essential that your brand stands out from the competition, after all… what stops your customer from using their business instead of yours? So, make sure you include what makes you unique in your value proposition.

Now that you have all of this, brainstorm with your team, friends, and family and come up with taglines that clearly translate all of that :)


Building a sales page that actually stands out, engages your audience and converts is HARD. But, it’s the best way to convey your brand, your offer - and to promote your products/services :)

We hope this information helps you build the perfect sales page, and if you’re still not sure how - don’t worry, we’ve got tons of templates that come with tutorials and our support 🤍

Good luck!

The CLD and TSM Team

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